While KBA has expertise commissioning many types of projects, biotechnology is one of our areas of focus. Part of our success in this market can be attributed to one of our commissioning professionals who spent 8 years in facilities maintenance and the management of pharmaceutical laboratory facilities, including cell culture labs, BSL-3 labs, vivariums, chemical R&D labs, kilo labs and hydrogen labs.

Since 2006, KBA has commissioned over a dozen general labs, vivariums, scale-up labs and packaging facilities, as well as central plant upgrades and multiple small renovations. 4 of these projects included USFDA GMP Validation, in which KBA worked closely with the Validation team to leverage the commissioning tests. Our CxA's speak the language of the user groups, qualification teams and facility maintenance teams working on biotech campuses, and understand the protocol and nuances that accompany commissioning modern biotech industry facilites. 

Examples of Commissioned Systems: 

  • Building automation and control systems
  • Central HVAC and process heating and cooling plants
  • Air handling systems in controlled environment rooms
  • Hydronic and airside heat recovery
  • Natural ventilation 
  • Laboratory process systems, including scale up reactor temperature control
  • Pharmaceutical dust collection
  • Fire alarm and suppression systems
  • Fuel oil systems
  • Fume hoods and bio safety cabinets
  • Natural gas piping 
  • Refrigeration systems, including CO2 refrigeration and cold rooms
  • Steam systems, including thermal fluid steam generation
  • Nitrogen vaporizer 
  • Lab and medical gas 
  • Compressed air and vacuum systems
  • Vivarium bedding, cage wash and environmental monitoring and control
  • Parallel generator backup and uninterruptible power 
  • Utility power distribution

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