In 2010, KBA commissioned the Birch Wing and Central Plant for Highline Medical Center. The project included a newly constructed, 78,000 square-foot hospital building, and the retro-commissioning of the existing central plant. The hospital building consists of 30% emergency exam rooms. 30 patient rooms, 20% office space and 20% utility and public spaces. 

Systems Commissioned:

  • Building HVAC and automation (including fire alarm integration)
  • Power distribution verification (including circuit labeling and verification of of coordination study settings)
  • Interior lighting controls
  • Security system
  • Nurse call system
  • Emergency power transfer

The central plant retro-commissioning scope included building automation, chilled water, medium and low pressure steam, hydronic heating, domestic hot water and emergency cold water systems. 

In addition to this, KBA is currently commissioning an MRI addition to the Highline Medical Center. Systems being commissioned include; Delta automated controls, supply and exhaust air, MRI chiller with O2 sensor, lighting controls (including time clocks, occupancy sensors, manual level control and daylighting control), back-check of electrical coordination settings for MRI, and verification of torqued connections at MRI and distribution gear. 

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