The LEED certification process can be applied to any building, regardless of size, age or purpose. The process has been designed to engage building owners and project teams in finding new ways to create better buildings that benefit our environment and our communities, by being resource efficient, using less water, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving money. 

KBA has commissioned well over 100+ LEED projects, ranging from Silver to Platinum certifications.

Some of our most notable LEED projects include: 

King Street Station Rehabilitation, City of Seattle, - LEED Platinum
1285 Sutter Street, Gerding Edlen Sustainable Solutions - LEED Gold
Centre 425 Office Building, Schnitzer West - targeting LEED Gold
Integrated Research and Innovations Center, University of Idaho - targeting LEED Gold
Mukilteo City Hall, City of Mukilteo - LEED Gold
Boeing 787 Paint Facility, The Boeing Corporation - LEED Silver
Fire Station 10, City of Seattle - LEED Silver
Riverpoint Biomedical and Health Sciences Building, Washington State University - LEED Silver