Education, Training, Licenses and Certifications

  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Washington, WA, 2003

General Background

Wes is a 12 year commissioning veteran with experience on many different project types, including higher education, industrial and research facilities. Wes's greatest strength is his ability to grasp complex building dynamics and the interactions of various building systems. As a result, his skill at writing and executing functional performance and integrated systems tests is highly valued by the KBA team and our clients. He has performed commissioning reviews, written commissioning plans and specifications, performed installation verification of equipment, observed TAB, completed field documentations and written and conducted functional performance tests for many different facility types including higher education, research and biopharmaceutical production, industrial, high performance and commercial offices. 

Wes's commissioning resume includes Gold and Platinum LEED projects, and a 'Living Building Challenge' project. Prior to commissioning, Wes designed and drafted building HVAC systems. 

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