KBA Releases White Paper

KBA is excited to announce the release of our white paper titled, 'Commissioning School Projects; What's Working, What's Not?'

Paper Synopsis
'Over the past 20 years, Building Commissioning (Cx) has been increasingly applied as a quality assurance process to the construction of many public schools. Today it is common practice in many areas, and a code requirement in others. In Washington State for example, all buildings must be commissioned in order to comply with the state Energy Code, and since 2001, commissioning of school projects has been a requirement as part of a package that also mandates value engineering and constructability reviews. Now that numerous schools have been commissioned, and with commissioning in many areas commonplace, it is a good time to survey the various stake-holders regarding school commissioning's value and effectiveness. This paper reports on the results of such a survey and suggests ways in which we might improve our approach to school project commissioning.' 

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