KBA Presents: Lighting Controls Tech Session with Eric Trutsch

On May 4th Eric Trutsch presented a lighting controls tech session to the KBA team. Eric has over 15 years of experience with electrical low voltage and power systems, and has been a commissioning professional with KBA since 2014. His session was geared towards how to test interior lighting controls, to include occupancy and daylight harvesting. The following is a summary of the major types of interior occupancy sensors presented by Eric:

What are the major types of interior occupancy sensors?

1.      Passive Infrared (PIR)

a.      Detects a change in temperature when a person enters a room

b.      Detects major motion (across lines of detection and in line-of-sight to sensor)

2.      Ultrasonic

a.      Detects a frequency shift from emitted and reflected sound waves

b.      Detects minor motion, such as typing on a keyboard

c.      Motion does not need to be in line-of-sight

d.      Can be activated by ‘unintended motion’, e.g. duct noise

3.      Dual Technology

a.      Uses both PIR and Ultrasonic technologies

b.      Both technologies must be activated to turn the lights on

c.      Only one of the two technologies is required to keep the lights on

d.      Self-adaptive to automatically adjust sensitivity and timing

4.      Vacancy Sensors

a.      Lights must be manually turned on

b.      Lights are kept on by the occupancy sensor

c.      Required by Title 24

d.      Occupancy sensors can be used as vacancy sensors

e.      Vacancy sensors cannot be used as occupancy sensors

If you would like more information about testing lighting controls, don’t hesitate to give us a call! Eric, or another member of our technical team, will be happy to answer any questions you have.