Our Mission Statement, Vision and Core Values

KBA's mission is to help owners obtain, and maintain, building systems that operate in accordance with their functional requirements, by creatively and respectfully applying our professional experience and transparently collaborating with the project team. 

KBA's vision is to be honest, hardworking experts, who provide the highest level of commissioning service, while being socially responsible towards our employees and the worldwide community. 

Our core values are:

  • We must be fair and accountable to clients, employees, industry colleagues, company shareholders and the wider community.
  • Investing in the pursuit of continued personal and professional growth and learning, allowing us to provide the highest level of service to our clients. 
  • Respecting hard work. 
  • Respecting good work. 

Our Commitment to Professional Excellence

At KBA, two important elements have played key roles in our success as a commissioning agency; the breadth and depth of our staff's experience, and our continued commitment to providing top level commissioning services. 

Our technicians have extensive hands-on testing experience with energy efficient designs and control strategy optimization, each with an average of a quarter of a century's experience in designing, installing, troubleshooting and commissioning a variety of building types. 

KBA's Principals and engineers give commissioning presentations and training around the country, and serve as officers and active participants in leading commissioning organizations. All of our services are executed in accordance with the highest professional standards such as the BCxA's 'Essential Attributes of Building Commissioning' and ASHRAE's commissioning guidelines. 

Our Commitment to Sustainable Building Projects

As a leader in the commissioning of sustainable buildings, KBA is a U.S. Green Building Council member, with a resume of approximately 100 active and completed LEED projects, including those with Silver, Gold and Platinum certifications. Our familiarity with LEED has allowed our Principals to write papers and articles, and give presentations related to the commissioning of such projects. KBA is also a member of the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) and the Washington Sustainable Schools Protocol (WSSP). 

An often short-changed, but fundamental component of 'sustainability' is the persistently efficient and effective performance of building systems. True sustainability, in accordance with ASHRAE's sustainability commitment and the AIA 2030 Challenge, can only be achieved if a building operates continuously on the performance baseline established through the optimization and functional testing processes implemented during new construction, or existing building commissioning. Ironically, 'green' or 'sustainable' building programs tend not to address this. KBA approaches commissioning with a focus on persistence. KBA's commissioning professionals have given presentations on this topic to the National Conference on Building Commissioning and an AIA course on sustainable design. 

Corporate Responsibility Plan

KBA's Corporate Responsibility Plan outlines our commitments to our employees, shareholders, the commissioning profession, our community and the environment. We are excited to share this document with you. Please click below for more information. 

Keithly Barber Associates Corporation Responsibility Plan 2018