KBA offers an array of services that enhance the value of buildings, increase maintainability, save energy and increase indoor environmental quality and comfort for building occupants. 

Sample Services

New, Existing and Ongoing Building and Process Systems Commissioning
Infrared Scanning of Electrical and Building Systems
Post-Occupancy Evaluation and Commissioning
Building Systems Optimization and 'Persistent Performance' Commissioning
LEED Ongoing and Monitoring Based Commissioning (Measurement and Verification) Consulting
Owner's Functional Requirements and Basis of Design Consulting
Development of Commissioning Programs, Specifications and Master Plans
Building System Diagnostics and Condition Surveys
Indoor Air Quality Investigations
Mechanical/Electrical Standards, Specifications and Guideline Development

KBA has the in-house expertise and experience to commission a wide variety of complex building systems, including: 

Building Automation and Control Systems:
Central HVAC and process heating and cooling plants
Air and hydronic heat recovery
Air handling systems in controlled environment rooms
Laboratory process systems
Dust collection
Fire dampers
Fire suppression
Fuel oil systems
Fume hoods and bio safety cabinets
Ground source heating/cooling
Natural gas piping
Oil and gas industrial systems acceptance
Natural ventilation
Paint booths and hangars
Pumping systems
Refrigeration systems (including CO2)
Steam and vehicle emission exhaust systems
Nitrogen vaporizer system
Oxygen monitoring system
Vacuum systems
Vivarium environmental controls
Monitoring and bedding systems
Autoclave cooling
Penetrant and anodize line PLC
Crane PLC systems and paint booth controls

Electrical Systems: 
Daylighting controls
Data communications
Critical data center systems
Fire alarm
Lighting controls
Power distribution
Backup power (parallel generators)
UPS systems

Integrated Systems: 
Fire Alarm - Fire Suppression - HVAC - Smoke Control - Relative Pressure Containment
HVAC - Security - Lighting
Lighting - HVAC
HVAC - Process
Normal Backup Power Transfer
Mission Critical Integrated Systems Testing

Building Envelope Assemblies and Air Barrier Testing