In 2014, Toombs and Associates merged to become a division of KBA, reuniting Kent Barber and Ken Toombs (Toombs and Associates Chief of Operations). 

Kent and Ken are widely recognized as building commissioning pioneers. They worked on some of the first commissioning projects in the U.S. and were both founding members of the Building Commissioning Association (BCxA). They have a long history of working together in the field commissioning, and both share similar philosophies, values and approaches. 

The partnership between KBA and Toombs and Associates continues to strengthen and be successful, including the full-time relocation of KBA co-owner, Ryan Hay, to Colorado, where he has assumed the position of 'VP of KBA Colorado Division'. 

Ryan, a Colorado native and University of Colorado graduate, has over 22 years of mechanical and electrical experience, bringing a broad base of knowledge, along with over a decade of specialized commissioning experience. Ryan has worked as a KBA Project Manager since 2005, and is excited to return to Colorado. To quote Ryan, 'Ken Toombs will continue to serve as the Chief of Operations and Project Manager for open projects currently under Toombs and Associates Commissioning Specialist Division of KBA contracts. At the completion of those projects, he plans to retire.' To complete the finalization of the merger, all projects going forward will then be under KBA or KBA Colorado Division. 

Toombs and Associates has provided an outstanding commissioning service to clients for the past 21 years, and Ken is happy to see this continue with the new merger and appointment of Ryan. KBA is excited to continue to serve Toombs and Associates clients with the same values, commitment and work ethic to which they are accustomed. 

If you have any questions that you would like to discuss with Ken or Ryan, please feel free to contact the KBA office directly.