New Building Commissioning
Starts in Design. 

At KBA, we specialize in new building commissioning, ensuring that your newly constructed facility operates at its peak performance from day one. Let us help you maximize the performance of your new building.

Our Comprehensive Approach to New Building Commissioning

We take a holistic approach to new building commissioning. Our experienced team works closely with owners, architects, engineers, and contractors to verify that all systems are properly designed, installed, and integrated to meet the owner’s project requirements. Through comprehensive testing, verification, and documentation, we provide you with a level of confidence that your building’s systems operate optimally.


Benefits of New Building Commissioning

Optimized Energy Efficiency

Reduce your building’s energy consumption and lower utility costs through optimized system performance and advanced energy conservation strategies.

Extended Equipment Lifespan

Protect your investment and minimize maintenance costs by ensuring that your building’s equipment operates efficiently and lasts longer.

Improved Occupant Comfort

Create a comfortable and productive environment for building occupants by fine-tuning HVAC systems, lighting controls, and other critical components.

Compliance and Certification

Achieve regulatory compliance and obtain green building certifications by meeting rigorous performance standards and documentation requirements.

Your Best Partner for Your New Building Commissioning Needs

Our team of highly skilled professionals brings extensive knowledge and experience to the field of new building commissioning. Through our involvement in the BCxA local and international boards, KBA continues to develop and maintain new industry practices, technologies, and standards to deliver best-in-class solutions to our clients and the industry.


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